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UX/UI Management

Experience leading and scaling global teams to land quantifiable business impact.

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Design & Engineering Direction

Fluency in best practices for UX and Engineering principles and methodologies.

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Team Leadership & Development

Balances Design Leadership through Team Health, Business Growth and Delivery Quality.

Recent Experiences

Demonstrations of design sensibilities, UX principles, and research-driven thinking for web, software, and mobile applications.


Advocates and relentlessly drive execution, a product strategy for the organization that engages and delights users demonstrably. Thinks strategically, anticipating future consequences and trends and incorporating them into both a short-term and long-term strategic plan.

Recruits, mentors, and guides a global, world-class team of user experience professionals and managers. Helps to identify problems and experiment to find solutions across channels through the entire UX team. Coaches junior talent and supports everyone as they develop and hone their craft.

Thrives on cross-functional collaboration, taking opportunities to strategically influence Leadership, Product, and Engineering to align on a shared vision. Has regular interlocks with executive stakeholders by business function—Educates company leadership on how UX strategy empowers the business for success.

Well-practiced in holding discovery sessions, managing research, and creating an action plan from the results. Identifies opportunities to explore or validate design concepts with users and draw out valuable user insights and potential design optimizations.

Translates and communicates team deliverables into measurable outcomes to increase usability for the user. Evolves the UX organization's staffing plan against business priorities. Guides the UX organization in an agile methodology that results in launching impactful and meaningful experiences out in the world.

Always learning, consuming new information, and proposing creative product strategies to stay ahead of all others in the industry. Consistently aware of emerging talent needs in the craft of experience design to guide our needs aligned to trend and technology changes in the market.

Mastery of interaction design, design thinking, UX principles and methodologies, and proficiency in mentoring others in these areas. Strong analytical mindset with an emphasis on leading and teaching test-and-learn. Passionately balance Design Leadership through Team Health, Business Growth, and Delivery of Quality. Participate in project reviews, growing a constructive feedback culture to enhance individual and team skillsets—a strong understanding of Web Content Accessibility Guidance (WCAG 2.1).

Brand Experience

What's Being Said About Bryan

I have never seen a leader create as strong of a shared mission and bond with their team. Every single person that works for him raves about his leadership. He is a pro at UX and helped us create the function from ground up. I highly recommend, Bryan!

Key Strengths

People Management

Culture Building

User Experience

Social & Interactive Media

Customer Experience

Design Trends & Technology

Data Analysis & Customer Insights

Mobile & Web

User-Centered Design

Tools & Design Systems

Product Management

Enterprise Solutions

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